Srikanth Bandaru

Saint Louis, MO · +1 (470) 848-3001 · ·

Senior Software Engineer

I care deeply about the people I work with. I bring empathy and strong communication to teams, and strive to learn and teach as much as I can.


Software Developer, Bayer U.S. LLC, St Louis, MO, (Dec 2019Present)

Skills: JavaScript, Functional Programming, React, Redux, Node.js, PostgreSQL & pgAdmin, Flyway, AWS, Jest, Puppeteer, Jenkins

  • Developing large-scale enterprise web applications using functional & point-free style JavaScript, React, Node, and PostgreSQL.
  • Supporting application development, including research, design, architecture, programming, and testing. Wrote complex stored procedures to extract enterprise data.
  • Built a proof of concept and am currently leading the development efforts of an in-house, scalable, and collaborative platform for reusable components.
  • Interviewed candidates to help bring great talent to Bayer.

Technical Lead, Cognizant Technology Solutions, St Louis, MO, (Apr 2017Dec 2019)

Skills: JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Functional Programming, PostgreSQL & pgAdmin, Jest, Puppeteer, Docker, PCF

  • Led rapid development of an internal application for our clients from concept to working software and customer trails.
  • Responsible for all aspects of front-end architecture and development, including business focused trade-offs around technology, features, quality and test strategy.
  • Oversaw organizational change of our front-end stack (to React.js + Redux). This required understanding and managing the needs of the company, developers and clients, and planning, communicating and architecting the change.
  • Designed and built Reactjs Input Validator (an input field validation library) to help developers write clean code for better field validations in our client applications.
  • Hired and mentored interns and junior developers.

Programmer Analyst, InfoDrive Systems LLC, St Louis, MO, (Mar 2016Apr 2017)

Skills: JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Jest, CSS modules, Docker, PCF

  • Led a team of 11 in architecture, development, test strategy and maintenance of a public facing, mobile first, cross-device compatible web application built for our corporate clients.
  • Delighted clients on a range of real-time web application projects. Rapid development of new products, adding real-time features to existing products, code and architecture review of existing codebases.
  • Owned technical relationship with clients to understand their needs and prioritized work, and provided well documented clean code to their internal teams.
  • Wrote batch scripts to automate tasks that saved more than 2000 working hours for our team.
  • Gave ReactJS training to other dev teams in our organization.

Technology Intern, Open Future Institute, New York, NY, (Jun 2015Aug 2015)

Skills: JavaScript, PHP, Postgres, WordPress, SEO, HTML, Bootstrap

  • Designed and developed prototypes into fully functional websites from scratch.
  • Worked with managers in agile environment & trained employees on how to use WordPress
  • Translated specifications and requirements into the code to complete more complex program changes.
  • Recognized code, process, and standard inefficiencies and made suggestions for improvement.

Student Assistant, Pace University, eLab, New York, NY, (Sep 2014Dec 2016)

Skills: JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Heroku, Oracle, SEO, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap

  • Created and administered Entrepreneurship Lab’s Moodle-based Competition Management System
  • Worked on Drupal nodes and blocks and developed the web pages using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap.
  • Provided graphical support for Entrepreneurship Lab's (eLab) websites and social media pages by designing digital graphics.
  • Created a database schema for an extensive data set for an internal web project.

Freelance Web Developer, Color Layers, Hyderabad, India, (Aug 2011Jul 2014)

Skills: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Wordpress, Heroku, MySQL

  • Helped clients in bringing their ideas to life through design-oriented solutions.
  • Worked as a web strategy consultant specialized in front-end development.
  • Redesigned client’s websites using best SEO practices to optimize them for search engine rankings.
  • Created complex search pages interacting with SQL Server and integrated maps and videos in forms and panels in Joomla layouts.
  • I am also involved in pitching, customer development, marketing, sales, and support.


Pace University, New York NY, (2015)
Master of Science in Computer Science - GPA: 3.6/4.0